The BVRC Point System allows members to accumulate points throughout the year by participating in various activities. The end of the January meeting marks the beginning and end of the time period to accumulate points. The points can be used to bid on items in the annual BVRC auction following the February meeting. Any points not used at the auction cannot be carried forward into the next year. Members are eligible to accumulate points only if their club membership is current.


The Point System Committee will have three members and be selected by Presidential appointment at the January meeting. The Committee will select the Point System Coordinator who will maintain the point totals. It is the responsibility of each club member to notify the Point System Coordinator in writing or by e-mail of activities in which they have participated to receive the points. Notice of the activity must be provided to the Point System Coordinator within 30 days of the activity and no later than the January meeting to obtain the points. The Point System Coordinator must notify the President and the other Committee members of his activities. Exceptions to the notification rule are attending club meetings, registering in a club flying event, and participating in a club workday as the Point System Coordinator will have a record of those activities.


Points are awarded for the following activities:


Attending Monthly BVRC Meeting                                    05

Pay Full Years Dues by January Meeting                           05

Sign up to Mow BVRC field                                             05

Mowing & Weed Eating the BVRC field                           50

Participating in a BVRC workday                                      20

CD an AMA sanctioned event/Junkyard Wars                   30

CD a BVRC Fun Fly                                                         20

Register and participate in BVRC event                              10

Participate in another RC club event                                   10

Serve as cook at sanctioned BVRC event                          25

Serve as worker at BVRC event                                       15

Serving in Presidential-appointed Role 

            Safety Officer                                                        20

            Club Trainer                                                          25

            Assignments from Meetings                                   10


People working together to mow the field will divide the 50 points.


The budget for auction items is $500. The auction items will be selected and purchased by the Point System Committee before the January meeting. In order for the all point system participants to have an opportunity to win a bid at the auction, the Committee shall purchase no less than 30 items for the auction.

Point Coordinator for 2011 is Bill Killion. You may click on the link to email Bill requesting point credit.